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Course Content:
The massage therapy program is approximately 572 hours  plus  75-80 hours of independent massage practice. This course prepares the graduate to be employed in the expanding field of massage and bodywork.  The breakdown of subjects and hours are as follows:



Anatomy and Physiology 91.9
Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology 40.7
Massage Theory (Swedish) 48.1
Massage Theory (Related Techniques) 52.6
Introductions to: Connective tissue, Positional release, Reflexology, Sports massage, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Polarity, Myofascial release, Trigger points, Magnetic therapy (Energy Techniques), Massage in pregnancy, Baby massage, Iridology, On-Site massage, Skilled touch, and Deep lymphatic drainage.
Clinical Application 178.5
Hydrotherapy 35.4
Business and Professional Ethics 71.0
Pathology 50.8
Including AIDS Awareness
Miscellaneous 3.0
Practice massages outside of classroom 75-80


We are not including a specific list of the textbooks that we use because that list may change according to what is currently the best on the market.  The textbooks include a comprehensive anatomy and physiology text, a kinesiology text, a medical dictionary, at least two massage therapy textbooks (one of which was written by the founder of this school), and a school manual that includes information which is not in the textbooks that we choose.

The books are included in the tuition, but are they are not available to be picked up until full tuition is paid and even then not until very near time for classes to start.

Equipment Needed:
Each student should have a portable massage table to use outside of the classroom (for use in their own home or for making home calls while they are in training). The school has information on where they can be ordered. It is a good idea to get those ordered during the summer before school starts to avoid the rush season for the table manufacturers. You will need them by the third week of the course.

You will need at least three sets of linens. A set of linens consists of a table cover, a person cover, and a pillow cover. We suggest the use of terry cloth to cover the person receiving a massage. It needs to be at least 45 inches by seven feet long. The table cover can be made from bed sheets modified to fit your table. Custom made sheets can be purchased from the table manufacturers or from the school. You will also need six terry cloth bath towels (approximate size 20 inches by 40 inches) and three hand towels.

You will also need a knee/ankle bolster (about 6 inches by 28 inches) and a small pillow (approximately 9 inches by 15 inches). You are responsible for purchasing your own massage oils. We suggest that you have a uniform for use during your practice massages outside the classroom and during your practical exams. You will also need a lab coat for the cadaver lab ( try to find an inexpensive used one).  You will also need a two or three inch notebook binder and a good supply of paper. Attire in the classroom is casual and uniforms are not required for massages done in class.

Classroom Activity:
Evening classes are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6:00 pm to 11:30 pm. Academic work, demonstration and a break are held in the first part of the class.
Massage practicum (student massage exchanges) are held in the second part of the class session. 



Students are required to sign in for all classes. The course is finished in about seven and one half months. There will be a one day break at Thanksgiving and a two week break at Christmas.

A good deal of private study time will be required. There will be written assignments that you must do in preparation for each class. Students are asked to take responsibility for their time and utilize the materials offered.

You may be given outside projects to do, such as a fifteen minute presentation to be given in class. You will be required to do one hundred and fifty practice massages in the course of the training. About eighty or so will happen during class time and the remainder must be done in your own space and time. You will also be required to do a case study with advice from the instructor.

Although you will be expected to study hard and you may find the work challenging, we want your learning experience to be fun and interesting.

Draping and Modesty:
Conduct in the school will be proper and professional at all times. Proper draping procedures will be used. Nudity is not allowed. The student is required to wear suitable clothing and the model is modestly draped during the massage.

Attendance Policy:
There are no excused absences. The classes start on time and important information is often given at the start of a class, therefore promptness is important. Leaving the classes early is not permitted. Students sign an attendance log for each class. Students are responsible for all course material and are expected to obtain any information that may have been missed from a classmate or from an instructor.

The Grading system:
Scores will be based on written homework and on written and practical exams. Ten points are deducted for homework that is turned in late. Attendance is also factored into the grades. Written exams will be given at the end of each subject covered and two practical exams will be given. A passing score is 70 or above.

Access to Student Files:
All student records are permanently on file at the school. Any student wishing to see his or her records may do so by appointment with the director. Student files are considered confidential and will be accessible only to the student to which they belong. A transcript will be released to the Massage Board of Examiners in any state in which the student desires to take boards examinations.

Requirements for Graduation:

In order to graduate, a student must complete all academic work and take all the required tests (including a practical test). He or she must have given 150 practice massages and completed their case study. A diploma will be awarded upon graduation.

The school receives many requests for graduate massage therapists. These job opportunities are made available to the graduates. We do not, however, operate a placement service.

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